A dining room contains some of your most precious belongings and the most expensive. Some of it may be irreplaceable. The furniture and belongings in a dining room need to be packed with extra special care before your move.

The furniture in the room usually includes a table, chairs, a one or two piece break front or china cabinet and very often some kind of buffet. Most dining rooms also include pictures of different sizes, mirrors and all kinds of art work. Most of all, the break front will be the place where china, silverware, cutlery and crystal or glassware is stored and displayed.

As many of the belongings in the dining room are expensive and irreplaceable, extra care is needed when packing up a dining room. Here are some tips and advice about packing up a dining room.

The first step is to keep an organized list of all the belongings that are in the room. Unless you are downsizing this room, it will be one of the rooms in the home where it will be important to include everything in your item list. It really will make life easier if you keep this item list in a notebook. It is recommended to do the list in pencil and not pen, so that making changes will be easy and help to keep this item list organized. Try to create this list as early as possible before the upcoming move.

Once the item list for the dining room is created, it will be simple to get organized. There are different options for packing this room. Some prefer to have the mover pack all of these items and others will prefer to have the movers pack some of the more sensitive items. However, many prefer to do all of the packing alone. Under any circumstance, you moving company will be able to advise you about any of your packing needs.

Some of the packing materials you will need for packing will include strong cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, heavy duty plastic sheets, strong plastic masking tape and string or chord. You might like to have packing peanuts for insulation in the boxes. Another consideration is china boxes, since they are designed for packing breakables and picture boxes that might help to protect larger artwork and pictures. However, most of the time there are other inexpensive options available and plenty of packing materials you might already have around your home. Be sure that whatever packing materials you will use will protect your belongings since no one wants to have unnecessary damage when they move. The most important item to have when you are packing in any room is a good set of markers so that you can properly label any boxes or other items that you have.

It’s also a good idea that when you pack the dining room, the packing materials are already accessible and available. It is also a good idea to vacate a corner in the room for stacking any of the boxes.

When you pack boxes, especially in a room like your dining room where there are many breakables, it is important to make sure that the boxes are clearly marked as containing fragile items. Make sure that there are arrows clearly marking which side of the box is the top. If there are any boxes that you will need right away, be sure to keep them on the side so that they will be loaded last into the moving truck. Also remember that most fragile items such as china are heavy once they are packed in boxes. Do not over pack the boxes. It is much better have many smaller and strong boxes that are not too heavy then large boxes that are both hard to pack and hard to move.

When you pack any of the furniture from your dining room be sure that it well protected and can not be easily scratched or damaged. The mover will blanket wrap will of the furniture, however, you will want to have extra protection. If you have a glass table top, glass shelves or glass doors on your china cabinet or break front, it must all be bubble wrapped and well protected. If there is fabric on the dining room chairs it will be a good idea to make sure that it is protected and will stay clean.

Small pictures can be put into boxes. However if you have large pictures or artwork, it is important to pack them well so that they won’t be damaged. Mirrors, as with any glass must be bubble wrapped.

Remember, it is important to protect you dining room belongings well, since they are almost always among the more expensive and breakable thing in the home. You can always ask your moving company for advice about packing your dining room.

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