Whether you move frequently, or haven’t moved in 20 years, there are a wealth of details to consider. Planning ahead and being organized will make your move go far more smoothly. Moving supplies and boxes are one of the things you want to put at the top of your list.

Running out of boxes at the last minute isn’t fun. Nor is having your boxes collapse under the weight of your belongings.

Here’s a short checklist of items you’ll need to prepare:

1-Moving boxes of various sizes. Consider the weight of your boxes when full. For example, it’s easier to carry boxes of books if they’re packed in small boxes. They also stack easier.

Larger boxes are great for clothes, pillows, towels and other lightweight items.

Special boxes for packing fragile items like china and crystal will make your move easier and ensure those delicate items make it safely to your new home. You may want to pack framed art in boxes for easier transport. Just make sure you wrap them well.

You can get moving supplies and boxes from your moving carrier. You need a variety of sizes and ensure they’re clean and sturdy.

2-Bubble wrap and other packing supplies will protect your dishes and other fragile items like picture frames. One thing I like to do when I move is wrap my framed art in large sheets of bubble wrap and nestle them together in a strong box large enough to house them. That way, they stay together and they’re protected.

3-Tape will keep your boxes closed up and protected from dust or things falling out. They’re also easier to stack so when you finish with a box, you can seal it up and put on top of the last box so you keep your floor space clear.

Keep a couple of extra rolls on hand for last minute items.

4-Markers/Sharpies-Marking on your boxes what’s in them and where they go will help your movers to place them in the right rooms. Not to mention make it easier on you as you unpack.

If you’re packing yourself, start packing earlier than you think you need to! Get your moving supplies and boxes 3-4 weeks ahead of time and start packing non-essentials. You can stack your sealed boxes in a spare room or against the wall so they’re out of your way. The more you have packed as you get closer to moving day, the less stress you’ll have.