The job transfer and the impending move may have turned your world upside down. Don’t despair, there is a ton of help out there. Take a look at all the resources around you and start packing.

Don’t pay for boxes if you can help it. Pick up boxes for moving in the back of many a business center, grocery store or even in apartment and condominium complexes. Make a moving supply list and shop around for the best prices. Try home improvement centers or even online if you have the time.

For long distance moving, you’ll probably opt for a moving company in lieu of a do-it-yourself trailer rental. If your move keeps you in the area, local movers may be your answer. Always ask for referrals no matter who you hire.

Maybe for now you just want a simple furniture storage solution until you figure out something permanent. If you value your big-ticket items, hire professional furniture moves to help safeguard your expensive belongings.

There are even solutions for the unusual move. Move the entire house. That’s right. House moving companies are busier than ever in helping people relocate older homes and buildings to appropriate sites to allow the preservation and restoring process to take place in unhindered fashion.

Maybe your storage needs are for something that only occasionally moves — a recreational vehicle. If it can’t fit at home, park it at an RV storage facility and retrieve it right before the next vacation.

All your moving and storage solutions are out there. Go down your list and prioritize your needs. Figuratively speaking, put one foot in front of the other and soon enough your move will be done.