Most of us have experienced a handful of moves in our lives. From our first apartments and then into condominiums or homes, each move seems to get progressively more complicated. For our early moves, family and friends with pickup trucks and enticed by the reward of pizza and beer were enough to get us from one place to the next. But as we go through life accumulating furnishings, household appliances and a number of other items, there comes a time when calling on friends and family is no longer a sound strategy. When that happens, your best friends in the moving world can be local movers.

Obviously the local movers make most sense when you are staying in the same area. So assuming that is the case in your situation, opting for this kind of help, when analyzed thoroughly, can save you time and money. Let’s have a look at where trying to personally muscle your way through another move may fall under the old adage, “Penny wise and pound foolish.”

Once we have gotten to a point in our lives where a move can no longer be accomplished be hauling a couple of pickup loads from one end of town to the other, we should probably think twice before we embark on a large scale move without professional help. Why? Moving is their business, not ours. Damaging one piece of valuable furniture because of our clumsy efforts can outstrip any savings we might have realized by physically moving ourselves. And, given that a big move is generally a very stressful event, why add to the stress by committing ourselves to a weekend of lifting and moving.

Moving on to the value of our own health, we find further justification for the hiring of local professional movers. Our joints and backs aren’t as resilient as they once were so why risk damaging our health to save a few bucks. Surely the months of physical therapy to overcome a wrenched back is not worth the risk of trying to save a few bucks.

For peace of mind in your personal life, local movers can be saviors. The gasping and grunting often gives way to impatience, which in-turn may lead to spats that otherwise would have been avoidable. In the long run, marriage counselors are generally far more expensive than movers.

Take the role of director and have the experienced, well-trained professionals do all the grunt work. Don’t exhaust your reserves of time and energy sweating and toiling in amateurish fashion. Instead, use them to revel in the excitement of the move to your new surroundings. Hand over the reigns of physical labor to reputable local movers and let them work their magic.