Instead of trying to handle things alone, local movers can make the life of a staging consultant much easier. There is always something to do and there is always furniture that needs to be taken from one location to the other. If you are in the midst of trying to figure out how you are going to coordinate multiple jobs and what you are going to do with the extra inventory, it may be time to meet with professionals for more information.

Getting Things Set Up

It takes time to get a home set up for individuals and families to see. The goal is to make the space look amazing without crowding in too many things. Local movers can make sure that everything that needs to get to the new location gets there on time and is put in the right place. If there are just one or two days before the place needs to be ready, it helps to have professionals handling all of the heavy lifting. Consider establishing a relationship with the local movers, as the calls for assistance might be more frequent in the future.

Consider setting up an account with the company and talking to the owner or manager about how you can utilize all of the services provided. Also find out how much time it will take to get everything delivered to a new location. This will help with the planning and timetables for getting a new property ready. Also, see if they will also handle all of the packing, instead of just the moving. Again, it saves time when professionals will come in and get the job done at each location.

Optional Storage for In Between Homes

Where are all those beds, couches, mirrors, and bookshelves supposed to go when one home sells and there is not another home that needs to be staged any time soon? Some local movers also offer storage facilities to their customers. This could make things very convenient for a staging consultant. Regardless of what is brought out and what home it goes to, everyone knows where it will end up. It is possible that a discount will be provided because the local movers are handling multiple jobs for the same client.

Imagine how much time it takes to try and handle these multiple moves alone. Think about what it would require to get people out to help each and every time furniture needed to be moved. Instead of trying to handle all the work alone, working with professionals can ensure that things go smoothly and everything gets done in a timely manner.