If you’ve ever moved in an office setting before, you know how tedious and laborious it can become. Everything must be neatly packed and organized, and it all has to be done in timely manner. Hiring professional movers is a viable option for most business, but that decision usually comes with some uncertainty. Uncertainty, which is, in fact, justifiable, considering your business is putting their trust into one company to transport your entire office in a minimal amount of time. Here are three tips that can help minimize your levels of uncertainty when searching for commercial movers.

  1. Get a fair quote. – One of the biggest hassles when trying to find a professional moving company is finding a fair price estimate for your move. This problem can be resolved by using a company that offers a no obligation price quote. No obligation quotes give you the opportunity to compare moving companies without making a commitment. You can benefit further by finding a company that performs free on site estimates. On site estimates let you receive an itemized list of everything that you are being charged for, so there is no mystery when you receive your total bill.
  2. Get your office moved safely. – Moving an office is a dangerous task, especially if you’re using a company that hasn’t stepped in the office before. To ensure that your furniture is moved safely, find out what kind of supplies the moving company uses. Commercial movers should have dollies, crates, and moving blankets to transport large and fragile items. If you have large furniture that has to be disassembled, be sure that the company has the right tools to take it apart and put it back together.
  3. Get your office moved on time. – Office moves tend to operate with unusually tight time restrictions. While it is never a good thing to have a delayed move, it is especially detrimental to an office. In order to guarantee efficient service, use a moving company that has GPS tracking systems attached to their trucks. This way, you can track your move minute by minute, holding your moving company accountable to their word.

Moving an office is an extremely involved process. Not only must you find commercial movers, but you also have to find reliable movers that offer professional service. These are three basic tips to help you narrow down your list quickly so you can get through your move and on with your business.